Here I Am To Worship (Tim Hughes)

Chord Here I Am To Worship (Tim Hughes)@b

Verse 1 :@b
E            B
Light Of The World
You Stepped Down Into Darkness
E         B         A
Opened My Eyes, Let Me See
E           B         F#m
Beauty That Made This Heart Adore You
E         B            A
Hope Of A Life Spent With You

Chorus :@b
Here I Am To Worship
Here I Am To Bow Down
             E/G#               A
Here I Am To Say That You're My God
You're Altogether Lovely
Altogether Worthy
           E/G#         A
Altogether Wonderful To Me

Verse 2 :@b
E           B
King Of All Days
Oh So Highly Exalted
E           B       A
Glorious In Heaven Above
E          B           F#m
Humbly You Came To The Earth You Created
E              B           A
All For Love's Sake Became Poor

Bridge :@b
     B/D#   E/G#    A
I'll Never Know How Much It Cost
   B/D#   E/G#  A
To See My Sins Upon That Cross

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